Museo Ciasa Cocèl 10:30 – 12:30

Workshop – Migration

Museo Ciasa Cocèl 10:30 – 12:30
Via Lisignana 22, 33034 Fagagna

10:30 -11:00 Introduction of Elia Tomai – Director of the Museo Cjase Cocèl and walk in the museum
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop open to all – Migration (no age limit)

The workshop will be in Italian.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS tel: +39\ 391 714 4921

Sharing IVONA’s artistic practice, inspired by animals. An approach that is both physical and imaginative.
The group of dancers is guided, through a series of “tasks”, to move in space, to migrate, not only with the aim of traveling to a more fertile land, but also to strengthen the bonds in the community in which they live. 


The workshop is Free.

The tickets are available for booking online until places are sold out.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS:  tel: +39\ 391 714 4921

Palazzo Pico 14:00 – 15:00

Round Table Meeting with operators, dance professionals – presentation of the FVG companies: Compagnia Arearea / Compagnia Bellanda / IVONA 

Performance Symposion – Compagnia Bellanda

Palazzo Pico 14:00- 15:00
Via del Tabacco 1, 33034 Fagagna

Round Table Meeting with operators, dance professionals – 
presentation of the FVG companies: Arearea Company / Compagnia Bellanda / IVONA 

Performance Compagnia Bellanda

INFO AND RESERVATIONS: tel: +39\ 391 714 4921

Event labeled #FVG, aimed at professionals and operators in the dance sector at national level, featuring the three dance companies recognized by the MIC, moderated by Francesca Manfrini;

The round table is also open to the public and is free.


Compagnia Bellanda

Bellanda was born in 2012 from Giovanni Leonarduzzi’s, also known as Gava, desire to pursue a personal evolution of breakdance. It develops through a deep exploration of movement and language that, stemming from urban roots, pushes towards a choreographic expression of contemporary dance.

In 2017, Giovanni Leonarduzzi and Claudia Latini decided to continue their journey together in search of a language that discovers a meeting point between breakdance and contemporary technique, ultimately delving into the exploration of partnering.


Compagnia Arearea 

The contemporary dance Company Arearea was founded by Roberto Cocconi in 1993 and therefore has 30 continuous years of history in the production of original contemporary dance creations.

The company’s creations are articulated in the dual dimension of theatrical performance and performance in everyday spaces. Arearea’s poetic mark resides in questioning the usual logics of using the stage and the square.



IVONA is a dance company founded in 2019 by Pablo Girolami.
A community characterized by determination and passion was immediately defined, which recognized in artistic languages, not only in dance, the resilient future for the world to come. 

Since 2022, IVONA is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture as a dance production organization (Under 35).

The Beauty and diversity of Nature is IVONA’s main inspiration and fascination. We explore the concept of Resilience, a word as relevant as it is essential. The resilience that Nature has demonstrated for centuries is an opportunity not only for admiration but also for study for IVONA.

IVONA offers a diverse and inclusive appeal, resonating with a broad audience, ranging from young adults and performance enthusiasts. We take pride in being mainly shaped and driven by LGBTQIA+ artists, who infuse our project with their unique perspectives and artistic expressions.  


Performance Compagnia Bellanda


In “Symposion,” the two artists draw inspiration from “Aristophanes’ Speech” in Plato’s “Symposium,” particularly from the theme of the continuous desire for reunion that animates the bodies. A sensual dance—composed of soft holds but also of an incredibly natural assembling and disassembling of bodies—translates the yearning to create a single, larger, and complete body, achieved through four distinct moments: origin, encounter, discovery, and gift.

«Our journey delves into the relationship of the couple and into ourselves and our awareness,» explain the artists, «aimed at the conscious search for our identity. The revolutionary perspective is that it is necessary for both sexes, and implicitly in the “deviations” from their role fixations that historically specific societies establish, to manifest a single essence, a single nature—the human nature, which can never be definitively defined, as it is always “in fieri.”»

The event is open to the public and is free.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS: tel: +39\ 391 714 4921

The tickets are available for booking online until places are sold out.


Parco della Brunelde 19:30 

Performance #FVG
Compagnia Arearea
IVONA / Pablo Girolami

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists and a visit of La Brunelde with tasting of typical regional products, organized by the B&B In Giro al Pulinar.

La Brunelde 19:30
Via Giovanni Mauro d’Arcano 2, 33034 Fagagna

Performance #FVG
Compagnia Arearea
IVONA / Pablo Girolami

Compagnia Arearea

Inside Human Being – Valentina Saggin /Compagnia Arearea
Idea and Choreography : Valentina Saggin
Created and danced with : Irene Ferrara, Angelica Margherita
Music : Max Casacci, Alexander Desplat, Franco Battiato 

The border transcends its political, geographical, natural, and concrete meaning, positioning itself as a concept to be sought in the space between human and world. Our greatest limit is the relationship with our own self, that is, our formation as individuals of the world within the world. During the research, we approached multiple inner rooms that each of us guards deep within: we are spaces and we walk among objects.

“Inside human being” is the third chapter of the trilogy that investigates the theme of limit/border and arises from a primary urgency: what is the inner limit for me? There are many possible answers: a crack, a point of no return, the capacity for change, biographies, our history and the history of all, the history of the world. People on the border, bodies on the border.


Gianni-Pasquale – IVONA / Pablo Girolami
Choreography and interpretation: Pablo Girolami 

Gianni-Pasquale, 46 years old, sexually ambiguous, mama’s boy, perhaps lunatic. definitely disturbed.
Desperately in love and loving to be desperate. He, limitlessly
generous, inflicts his lover a perfusion of his own torment.

Dear Maruzza,
I am writing you this letter because I really appreciate you.
The first time I saw you, my heart, not so delicately whispered ‘’that’s the one’’.
The way you tickle my mustache, the way you stare at me makes me feel vibrated.
I’d like, if you allow me, to give you my flower.

Gianni-Pasquale, a love letter to a blow-up doll.

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists and a visit of La Brunelde with tasting of typical regional products, organized by the B&B In Giro al Pulinar. 


Full : 10 Euro
Reduced (under 30 – over 65) : 8 Euro 

The tickets are available for purchase online until seats are sold out, or directly at the venue before the event.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS: tel: +39\ 391 714 4921