Pablo Girolami

Lou Thabart, Guilherme Leal, Samuele Arisci, Katarzyna Zakrzewska, Sara Ariotti, Moira Lafosse, Shani Hadashi, Yasmin Griv

Spontaneous Playlist

15-50 minutes

“Migration” is a performative exercise, a journey, which undergoes the fascination of that miraculous journey that is the migration of animals, and which has its roots in the practice of Pablo Girolami; the warm-up of the company IVONA. The group of dancers is guided, through a series of “tasks”, to move in space, to migrate, not only with the aim of traveling to a more fertile land, but also to strengthen the bonds in the community in which they live.

“Migration” is based around the concepts of:
“Follow the leader – Lead the follower” / “Take – Give inspiration” 

The dancers are equipped with earphones/monitors and receive instructions from an off- stage director (Pablo Girolami) who will converse with them via a private audio channel leading them to a spontaneous choreographic composition (with a spontaneous musical playlist) based on a coded system centered on a basic walk, on a concatenation of short choreographic phrases and a succession of orders/suggestions aimed at creating bonds, contrasts, synchronicities and connections. 
The exercise becomes performance, the journey begins and the community is strengthened. 

With the support of the Camera di Commerce Porderone – Udine