Pablo Girolami

Guilherme Leal, Fabio Cavallo, Shani Hadashi, Yasmin Griv, Sara Ariotti, Katarzyna Zakrzewska

Donato Dozzy (Mix by Guilherme Leal & DJ Vermouth Gasosa)

25 minutes

An obsidian skeleton moves an instinct that instinct is not. The protection of amber that makes immortal. How did we get to this? To a synchronicity which is cure? We are geometry in motion, metamorphic bodies under pressure. That perhaps tenderness will make us quartz, that perhaps pain will make us marble? Under this pearly white mantle, worked for hours by a steady hand, your evolution lies dormant. Watch me change. Watch me! I wasn’t a fossil then, I was a hero: the smallest particle in the universe; the red coral of a fragile revenge.

-when you chose to save me you changed the course of creation-

A lace exoskeleton holds us together, every hand movement contains, every gaze conceals. But how much strength in this tiny space, how much strength in the compact structure of a thousand eyes. In the throng of sweat, for a moment, I remember my nature; I am bird and wolf; I am centipede and emerald, and salt water, and deer and still memory and dream; and my fingers will turn into branches and then leaf, and vine, and grapes and wine, drunk by a laughing young man.

They don’t hope for the quickest way, they expand to know every corner of space and only when everything has been understood, assimilated, do they choose a way. You have to stay in the labyrinth, the purpose is not always to comes out. Don’t make me choose between the steep and impervious road and the wide and sunny one, let me grope through endless stairs knowing that if I was born physarum polycephalum I shouldn’t have had to dig graves.

When a paleontologist finds our organic statue he will say: “They didn’t love enough ».

The cartesian dualism does not hold a candle to nature.

Creating a crystalline lattice or living organism with individuality. Being able to identify with the single vertebra, with the impulse of the neuron. Research how much a monad can allow itself free will before breaking the essence of that organism. Realize that space, time and gravity often decide. Science and art are sisters of the same intention, both try to recognize the complex structures that govern what exists. How much beauty in the perfect forms of nature, in the glow of the cobweb at dawn, in the symmetry of the skeleton, in the rosettes of the solar system. How many shells hidden in each landscape. How many geometric shapes of our thought rooted in symbols overcome the passing of the years.

In the chaos of its thoughts and emotions mankind builds cathedrals.

Text by Karen Stenico